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Nothing to say really, just another amazing animated cartoon by Harry Partirdge, goosebumps!

Loved it, trip down memory lane (Give it 5 because it was worth it) but I am also the type to notice things when watching videos and it bothered the crap out of me when Tails hits the first bomb, the explosion effect was finished in that shot, but yet when you switch to Sonic "Tails!", the explosion is just starting, so the bomb went off twice.. oh and man that shade of yellow for Tails is just not right.

VGAfanatic responds:

Thank you for your feedback. I will do better next time.

I still 3 years later laugh my ass off when the Cat suddenly tips over hahaha

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Good game, fluent controls and nicely setup. Only thing bothering me is that the last checkpoint should be just AT the final door instead having to go through lot of enemies everytime, and the spider boss is just impossible! you have to focus so hard on NOT hitting the spikes when you hit the spider and at the same time think about the spider fire'ing as well as not getting hit by it. I didn't finish the boss but the game structure was nice, reminded me a lot on Gameboy :)

it's a kick ass game although I have to say that you are HEAVILY influenced by Sonic ;D...

This would have been a great game RIP

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Frábært!, Ão/oog sé að þú hefur ákveðið að eyða meiri tÃ-ma Ã- Audio portalið en á Movie portalið á newgrounds, hehe ég er aðeins að opna Newgrounds aftur eftir 6 ára hlé. Er að vinna Ã- smá leik eða hugmynd að leik :D..

5 stjörnur þar sem þú ert nú Ãslendingur og þetta er kick ass!

I find it

I find this better version then by Gary Jules, really its an amazing version, im actually going to burn this one instead of the Gary Jules on a CD to listen in my car, hope that is okey :).

By the way

i not gonna go out of my way and blam you but i am willing to go ;D out of my way to correct the guy ;D below me.. you may scream and shout but i can slam into your face that DJ REDLIGHT is not a Girl its a GUY you JACKASS adioz ;)

ninboy90 responds:

Woopdeedo Your'e talking to the wrong person pal.

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You bored of the porn on the internet? you feel that htis is the right venue for this??

gonzaxjames22 responds:


This looks awesome like everything you do, but seeing how it's 2014 already and this is dated 2009. I think it's safe to say you dropped the project of this game didn't you.

How is this possible!, Man i wish i could learn how to draw like that!...needless to say AWESOME!

Nothing to say really..

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